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Tardigrade apocalypse by Ramul Tardigrade apocalypse :iconramul:Ramul 52 34 Attack of the tardigrades by Ramul Attack of the tardigrades :iconramul:Ramul 229 64


SpectralNebula Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016
This all looks amazing. Can I ask is there lore posted anywhere? I'm curious if this is alternate Earth or a different planet.
Ramul Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016
The lore is usually distributed across the submissions related to the setting, but I don't mind questions. By going by your favourites, the Red Earth project is a different planet and handled strictly on a scientific basis, while Loma is a run-off-the-mill fantasy setting.
SpectralNebula Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2016
Ah, sorry, didn't see until after that you have more than one original universe. Looking forward to looking through the rest of your gallery!
teresajackson Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015
Fantastic Art Ramul!

I teach high school biology and create projects for on-line public education courses in BC (non-profit).  One of my biology 11 projects is as follows: "Professor P. Brain is studying life on Planet Silica and he has encountered an alien life form (shown below) that he has not been able to identify as plant or animal.  As his trusted lab assistant he has asked you to carefully observe the life form to determine if it is a plant or animal.  Please create lab journal entries, as Professor P Brain's assistant, detailing observations of the alien life form that confirm its identity as an animal.  While the observations may be made up, the characteristics that they reflect must be true to animals and help to distinguish the alien life form as an animal as opposed to a plant.  You may wish to include labelled diagrams to help support your observations.   Please assume that you have access to a microscope and the technology to take samples from the alien life form without harming it."

I was wondering if I may use your image of the The Slug Ilianas as the alien life form.  I can credit you using your link at Ramul DeviantArt or in any other way that you wish.  Thank you for your consideration.  Sincerely,

Teresa Jackson (Kelowna, BC)



Ramul Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015
I am okay with that use, though that particular lifeform can be both identified as an animal as well as a plant.
Neverendingbrain Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
This is so incredibly inspiring, since I am writing another book (Not going to publish just for my friends and me) I've been wondering if it is ok with you if I'd use some of these creatures in my book as animals that the characters might face. Since you're interested in the same stuff as I am, I think that you might enjoy reading that book as well. The animals and plants that I already came up with are also based on biology, their environment, detailed onto the bones. If you think it's ok, no problem, you'll get credits for every single one that I've used when the book is finished. If interested by the way, I can also send a copy of the book of course. The animals that I made already are carbon based like on Earth. I hope you'll message me soon with an answer, greets Samantha xxxx

Keep on going the great work, I'm astonished by these inspirational creatures!
Ramul Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015
Greetings and thank you. I'm generally pretty lenient on the use of my pictures and designs for non-commercial purposes, but might you specify what creatures you had in mind to be used? Not everything here are designs by me and some are being used in personal projects or are specific characters, so it would be good to sort out what can be used and on what designs I would prefer changes to be made to not resemble the originals too much. And yes, I would be interested in reading the book. What is it about?
Neverendingbrain Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I just released a new journal where you can read it. In all honesty, I don't know yet which ones I might use, it'll depends on the characters where they will go.

But to be more specific about the book then in my journal.
I'll write it down here as well.

Far in space where the Fross Fairy Empire is in a raging war, the unhappiness of the matriarch is affecting the armies of the empire, making them lose ground, and eventually the war.
The only way to extend their life is by colonize other planets that are nearby, the closest; Earth.
A very succesfull female human will stand for a choice. Leaving her succesfull life behind to help the empire and save humanity, or to let the Empire barge over Earth to expand.

Once on Fross, she needs to act like she's in a relationship with the Fross Fairy, but Fross Fairies are everything except dumb.
To make it look realistic and believable she has to learn their way of life and show real motivation to help the Empire out.

In the begin within the colony she might have not many problems with it, getting a social system... or does she? Humans can be pretty nasty, and Fross Fairies know that very well.
Later in nature she'll need to survive and show natural potential on surviving through a greatly efficiënt and vicious nature with both Flora and Fauna that can be lurking out there to kill you.
Will she survive in an alien environment, meant for a stronger and more capable evolved human? Or will her Human limitations let her down to be taken out viciously thus mean the end of the small civilization on Earth?

At this point in my book I may be on a 1/7th or 1/6th of the whole book.
Four other preview readers have been reading it and are thrilled for updates.
I'll send a great piece of what I have now, but as you can read in my journal... my internet doesn't let me do much. (You can read it for more information)
I'll show a piece of the book right now, and if you like it, you can wait until I found a new place to live in real or add my Skype for updates of my book like the other four did.

The book will be based on quite a realism, when someone gets injured "miracle" moves wouldn't be used. The only thing that'll happen in these moments will be facing reality with months in the book to recover (If the injuries are great enough)
I hope you'll be checking out my journal, there you'll also find my Skype, current situation, the part of the book and a part of the information that I've been written about the animals that I have made.

Greets Samantha Kyoshin
Ramul Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2015
Good to know. I will tell more when I have read the sample you sent.
Unfortunately, I don't use Skype. An idea for an alternative would be using the Stash function of Deviantart, from where you can send the links to anyone interested in reading.
Neverendingbrain Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Problem with that is, the people interested don't have any deviantart and deviantart is quite heavy to load. My internet is extremely terrible.
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