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Evil always finds a way.
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Rise of a New Shadow 16 (2)
After a moment or an eternity spent in the void between, Orell had solid Netherworld rock underneath his boots again.
He had left both the Minions and Richard behind in the burrow; the former he could trust with not misbehaving in his absence, all of them had spent some of their time in the forest already and were unlikely to get the attention of any dangerous creatures by being unnecessarily loud or chasing after small animals. The latter... the latter had saved his life. He should stop worrying about that shady adventurer. But if Richard did have any sinister plans after all, there were more than enough Minions left to stop him.
“This way, Master,” Gnarl gesticulated into the direction of the throne.
“Does anyone know how this happened?”
“Unfortunately, no. But if her babbling is to be trusted, she got in through the Minion Gates, somehow. I'm sure she will sing once dangling above the Abyss.”
The moment Orell sat down on the throne, the trespasser
:iconramul:Ramul 0 0
Rise of a New Shadow 16 (1)
With friends like these
Only the next morning Orell began to fathom the entire scope of what he had done yesterday. Over the night, the strangely triumphant feeling he had when he let the Minions kill the priestess and when he let Grubby bore a hole into one of the Sarul-Ras' sacred trees had vanished and let only a deep shame behind.
What was he thinking? He wanted to solve the problem at hand with diplomacy, but all he had managed was to worsen the situation. If he was lucky, the Sarul-Ras would let go of him, now their head priestess was dead and they had seen what a Gate did to one of their firetrees. If he was unlucky, and that was what he expected, they would scour the entire Infected Forest for him and flay him alive. Which would be an outcome that would greatly hinder him in finding and fighting the paladins.
While walking down the winding stairs that connected the Throne Room to the Private Quarters, Orell was planning how to proceed. Gnarl interrupted his thoughts.
:iconramul:Ramul 1 0
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Guidelines and what have you:

1. Answer the 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make up your own 13 questions.
2. Tag 13 deviants.

3. Make sure that they know that they are tagged.
4. Tag backs are allowed.

5. Tags do not need to be accepted and/or questions can be answered in the journal of the person who tagged you, if you so desire.

Questions asked from me & Their answers:

1. What is your favourite kind of videogame if any and why?
I have always liked RPGs and lately discovered that I enjoy stealth games greatly. As for actual game titles, there is the Overlord series, Two Worlds 2 + addon, Witcher series, Darksiders, Styx and probably anything by Arcane Studios.

2. What are your muses and why?
Everything and nothing. I get inspirations from the strangest things.

3.What is your favourite artist utensils?
Mechanical pencils and ballpoints for traditional art (I suck at colours), Gimp for digital art and Blender for 3D models.

4. Do you have a favourite amongst your Original Characters? Why?
Nope, I hate them all equally.

5. What is your favourite food dish?
Water melon. It's not a favourite, it's an addiction. Cantaloupes and hami melons is something I can be sold for as well. Or plum yews, but the trees in question weren't fruiting for over three years.

6. What is your favourite kind of Music?
Whatever the genre the music from Two Steps From Hell et al. belong to. And videogame/movie soundtracks.

7. Do you have a favourite kind of Weather? If so why?
I like mist. It's cool, it's humid, and I like the way it alters sounds and smells.

8. What is your favourite art piece you've done and why?
At the moment, it's this one: Reefracing by Ramul
I generaly like how it has turned out. And funnily, when I do an image search with it, the reference photo I have used pops up.

9.How would you describe yourself in a single sentence?
Do you know how much I hate that kind of questions?

10. How do you feel about your art? Strengths, weaknesses?
It's decent I think, but there is a lot of room for improvement. My strengths are creature design (sometimes) and details, weaknesses are machines, buildings or anything with straight lines and angles, perspective (would be probably less of a problem if I would sketch the guidelines properly first) and overall integrity.

11. Do you like to read? If so what is your favourite books or series?
Yes, and favourite books are the Witcher novels (Andrzej Sapkowski), Goblin Quest and its sequels (Jim C. Hines), Flame Desert novels (Akram el-Bahay) and the Dragonage trilogy (James Maxey), as well as a number of books by A- Lee Martinez (especially Gil's All-Fright Diner) and others.

12. What is your favourite place to relax in? Your ideal place?
At my apartment. Or any of the two botanical gardens the city I study in has. Or the forest.

13. What motivates you in your craft?

I'm quite good at motivating myself.

New questions:
1. You are forced to end either the life of a 1-year old boy or the life of a 90-year old man. Which one will you choose?
2. If you chose let the child live in the first question, what if it is the life of one 1-year-old against the life of 9 elders? If you chose the elder, same question with the numbers being the other way around.
What if the boy is terminally-ill and you know both have exactly the same time left to live?
You are stuck with your horse in an endless plain of grass occasionally interrupted by small rivers. The horse can survive just fine, but you have no food. Will you kill the horse to survive a bit longer without knowing if you can make it out of the grass plain or will you prefer to starve to death, knowing the horse is guaranteed to live?
5. A friend or a relative you hold dear is sick and their life can only be saved with a medicine that holds the risk of permanently altering their personality. Will you approve the use of the medicine or will you prefer them to die with their personality intact?
6. Which would you consider more unethical: the killing of 100000 Chinese or the killing of all 100000 San?
7.What about the death of a million of a numerous human ethnic group vs. the wipeout of a much smaller ethnic group?
8. Do you deem it acceptable to drive disease-carrying mosquito species to extinction, even if it would wreak havok on local ecosystems?
9. You find a cursed trinket, which requires you to name at least one person or a group of people every day, which will die in their sleep after named. If you fail to pick your sacrifices, the trinket takes your own life. Will you name the sacrifices to live or will you sacrifice yourself?
10. If you chose to name sacrifices, will you pick names/groups at random or target specific people/groups? You don't have to answer which kind of people you will target.
11. The world will end soon, but your child was prophesied to be its only saviour. Will you have that child to save the world?
12. You were hiking and got into a landslide, which trapped your foot under a heavy boulder. The only way to get away is to amputate your foot, but all you have is a not particularly sharp knife. Will you do it, wait for your demise or use the knife to end your life quicker, instead?
13. And the classic: You stand at a train station and a train with broken brakes is approaching. Five people are working at the rails, and the only way to save them is if you push a fat man onto the rails to stop the train. Will you do it?

I tag... screw this. Anyone who wants to answer that drivel can go ahead and have fun with it.
  • Listening to: mp3 player contents
  • Reading: Equal Rites
  • Watching: Robocop
  • Playing: Darksiders 2
  • Eating: Bread with stuff on it
  • Drinking: Dihydrogenmonooxide


Paris Hilton
Just your average grad student who plays with long-dead animals (NOT dinosaurs) and draws for fun.

Some things about using my crap: I'm totally fine with you posting it all across the internet, only don't claim it as your own and/or use it for commercial purposes.
I don't do commissions due to not using online money transfers, but I'm willing to trade.
Due to me refusing to give out personal information, I can't sign any contracts. Please look around for other artists to hire, there are a lot of them around here with better art skills.

I use scraps!

Current Residence: Where you least expect me
Favourite genre of music: Torture chamber screams
Operating System: Vista and Whackjob 8 (yes, only terrible OS being used here)
MP3 player of choice: Epigyne
Shell of choice: Epigyne, and Classic Shell on Whackjob 8, because it's the only way to make that crap work
Wallpaper of choice: Spiders. Mutos are fine, too.
Favourite cartoon character: Epigyne woman
Personal Quote: Rape, pillage, THEN burn.


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